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How to create a faithful lover becomes personal
May 23, 2015

for a man and a woman were still single, must have longed for a loyal companion. because loyalty is the most important thing in a relationship, especially those who are married. therefore, we need to learn, how to become a person who faithfully and always faithful to our... selanjutnya

how to reach family Samawa
May 22, 2015

every man who married must really want a family that sakinah, mawadah, warahmah. no one who does not want to reach families Samawa. surely everyone who has been married families are eager to get a degree that SAMAWA
because the family is very difficult Samawa in looking and very... selanjutnya

Learning to be a husband happy wife
May 21, 2015

every married woman, of course, very much hope to be a happy husband she loved it sincerely birth to the inner circuitry. and Istro also hope to be able to be the wife of the plume as well as being a wife who has always loved by her... selanjutnya

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