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The way to keep in longing lover
May 29, 2015

every human being who has been in the lovelorn, certainly very hopeful if the lover who always miss loved it and always thought about it. and... selanjutnya

How to make a lover Longing to us
May 28, 2015

in a loving relationship, if there is no sense of missed / missed, then the relationship will tend to be monotonous or no flavoring that can make such relationships become savory and delicious. jagnag never shy to express that you miss with your lover, ntah it arises from... selanjutnya

How to keep love to remain durable
May 27, 2015

in adolescence, certainly many who feel the beauty of falling in love. and certainly many who felt the bitterness of love. at a young age, love is not based on responsibility, but only sheer lust and in the call puppy love. so the love affair can not last... selanjutnya

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