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zulyahya: hai siti..

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How to make your partner become much more attentio
Apr 23, 2015

in a relationship dating was easy bother. although we have been very careful to remain the best, but the problem will always come up to the relationship. and at that moment, then your spouse will move away and seek other entertainment.

and here will be discussed about how to... selanjutnya

how to make a powerful husband always feel at home
Apr 22, 2015

Many of the wives who neglect the opportunity to always make her husband feel at home dalah. Wife always wants to look attractive only when out of the house, but at the time I was at home just look rudimentary only. Women think that is not important to... selanjutnya

Simple things that can make the husband is getting
Apr 21, 2015

in the marital relationship will feel tired and bored. especially long-married, surely boredom will continue to always hit the marital relationship. boredom and definitely will be a natural saturated and often experienced by married couples, especially the husband. and if feeling bored and tired already hit the husband, then harmony... selanjutnya

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