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zulyahya: hai siti..

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An exemplary wife for husband
Mar 26, 2015

A good wife is a wife to a husband who never complains about what had been instructed by her husband, always willing to comply with a request that is positive husband. An exemplary wife will always love her circumstances. Despite the difficult circumstances the wife is always ready... selanjutnya

How to make a husband always feel at home in the h
Mar 20, 2015

After getting married and already married with a husband, a very expected by the wife if her husband is always like being at home. It is not easy to make the husband always feel at home in the house, but there is nothing wrong for a wife to... selanjutnya

When a woman having an affair
Mar 18, 2015

In married life of many whose name dispute between husband and wife. Domestic life open like a stage play or drama which can be set by the players to act. Usually in married life we ​​will find things that make a peculiarity in ourselves. We would think that... selanjutnya

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